We are happy to provide a variety of games! Check out the list below to see what you’d like to play at your next on-site or mobile party.

Capture the Flag

Capture the opponent’s flag and bring it back to your team’s base, while preventing the other team from doing the same to your flag. When a player is hit, they are considered “out” and must immediately exit the playing area and wait for the next round.

Team Elimination

Two teams compete against each other with the objective of eliminating all members of the opposing team. The game begins with each team starting at their respective base, and the goal is to eliminate all members of the opposing team before they eliminate all members of your team.

Freeze Tag Rules

The objective of the game is for the “freezers” to eliminate all the “unfreezers” by shooting them with Gellys. When a player is hit by a Gelly, they must freeze in place and wait for another player from their team to unfreeze them by touching them.

The game continues until either all the “unfreezers” have been eliminated or the time limit for the game has been reached. If all the “unfreezers” have been eliminated, the “freezers” win. If the time limit is reached and there are still “unfreezers” remaining, they win.


In “Assassin”, each player is assigned a target to eliminate while also trying to avoid being eliminated themselves. The game begins with each player receiving a target, typically chosen at random or predetermined by the game organizer. Eliminate your target before you’re eliminated.

Target Shoot

There are lots of variations of target shooting that we can provide! We can tailor this to the size of your group, the venue, and what targets we have available.

Dodge Ball

When you get hit, you are out and must step to the side of the field, but when an opponent gets out, one of your team can get back in. The game is over when one entire team is out.

Bunkers & Props

Inflatable Shooting Gallery

• 15′ X 16′ X 12.5 ‘ 

• Interactive, projected games

• Up to 6 people at a time 

• Unique experience

Inflatable Arena

• 33′ X 66′ X 8′ in size with 10 inflatable bunkers inside 

• Plays up to 10 people at a time 

• Keep us close to the action with enclosed walls 

• Referee provided 

Big Field Play

• Twenty inflatable bunkers

• Up to 20 people at a time

• Referee provided